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AT&T Global Network Client
New Features
New Features

The newest features of the AT&T Global Network Client, in particular, those available in v6.4.x and newer versions, are geared to provide an easy-to-access, easy-to-manage, global service characterized by:

  • a single, consistent user experience across wired and wireless access technologies,
  • flexible endpoint security options over all data connections, and
  • integrated, seamless, secure access to your corporation's private network.

Among the key features, which are described in more detail below, are:

  • automatic connections
  • expanded wireless connectivity options and coverage
    • single-click wireless access
    • global Wi-Fi coverage
    • multi-carrier cellular access
  • enhanced policy-based end point security
    • managed personal firewall
    • lightweight policy enforcement
    • status indicators
  • VPN enhancements

To read about the complete list of enhancements in the v 6.x version of the Client, please consult the AT&T Global Network Client Version History guide. Please note that 6.3 and later versions of the Client are only supported on Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP.

Automatic Connections

The automatic connection feature, which was introduced in the 6.4 release, intelligently detects the best available access method based upon a user-defined configuration. For instance, when you configure the Client for a high-speed automatic connection, the Client will attempt to connect over broadband first. If broadband is not available, a Wi-Fi connection is attempted, then cellular, and finally dial. A single click of the connect button will try each of the different types of connections in a single sequence without any user intervention required.

Automatic Connections

Should you want more details for each item in the connection sequence, the Client provides "flyover" tool tips.

Flyer Tool Tips

Additionally, in the 6.5 release, details regarding Wi-Fi access points are available for you to view. You may also initiate a connection directly from the window by clicking on the "Go" button associated with the access point you choose.

Available Wi-Fi Access Points
Expanded Wireless Connectivity Options and Coverage

Single Click Wireless Access
Remote and mobile workers can now use the AGN Client to access wireless WAN technologies that provide high-speed data connections through the same interface that they are familiar with for other access technologies. The Client automatically detects all Wi-Fi and cellular data networks that are in range, including public hotspots. Once a wireless network is selected, the user's network card is automatically configured with the proper connection settings. This dynamic discovery and configuration, in combination with the Automatic Connection, enable "single click" access to the Internet or to your corporate (private) network.

Global Wi-Fi Coverage
With the AGN Client, users are provided access to more than 30,000 Ethernet and Wi-Fi hotspots in 55 countries. These hotspots are generally located in hotels, airports, and convention centers. Included in the count are over 4,000 hotspots owned and operated by AT&T. The most recent enhancements to the Wi-Fi access capability available in the AGN Client include:

  • the ability to connect to WeRoam Wi-Fi access points,
  • the integration of AT&T Wi-Fi (formerly SBC Freedomlink) hotspots, and
  • the ability to connect to:
    • third-party Wi-Fi access points as part of an automatic connection.
    • preferred Wi-Fi access points that require CHAP authentication.
    • limited-access private Wi-Fi access points (for custom kit only).
    • non-preferred AT&T Wi-Fi hot-spots (manually via browser).
    • a selected Wi-Fi access point even when the SSID cannot be detected in the area.

Multi-carrier cellular access
Wireless (cellular) access is a feature of AT&T's Remote Access Service that enables the use of various wireless networks and PC cellular cards to operate with AT&T Global Network Client (version 6.4 or higher) to access the Internet or your corporate (private) network. The supported options available today for domestic access are:

  • Cingular with the Sierra Wireless 775 and 860 cards,
  • Sprint with the Novatel C201 Merlin and Novatel s620 cards, and
  • Verizon with the Audiovox 5220 PC and Novatel v620 cards.
Additionally, various wireless data carriers and cards are supported in Japan and 7 countries in EMEA.

Lightweight Policy Enforcement (LPE)
LPE is a lightweight, no-cost subset of the configuration enforcement features available in the AT&T Managed Personal Firewall Service. It does not provide all of the features of the MPF service. For instance, it does not include central policy management, real-time updates, application discovery mode, central logging, central reporting, or monitoring of ad hoc programs. However, LPE monitors a number of popular anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware programs before and after connecting. Rules can be configured to simply warn the user, disconnect the user from the network, or download DAT file updates to the user's PC.

Status Indicators
With version 6.5 (and higher) of the AGN Client, users are provided with status indicators in the connected window to show the active state of the VPN, firewall, security, and Client software updates.

Status Indicators
VPN Enhancements

The following VPN enhancements have been added to the 6.4 and higher versions of the AT&T Global Network Client.

  • support for AES encryption for IPSec VPN connections
  • ability to automatically reconnect Transparent Tunneling (SSL-T) when the connection is temporarily lost.
  • ability for central administrator and user to configure local LAN access (exceptions to VPN ACL)
  • ability to authenticate using HTTPS (port 443) when HTTP (port 80) is not available
  • refresh of VPN digital certificates

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