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Introduction — BIS Credit Card Customers

AT&T Business Internet Services is pleased to announce that, effective August 1, 2006, Premium Plan credit card subscribers in the U.S. are able to access the Internet via the AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot footprint in the United States. While we continue to expand our coverage, the AT&T Wi-Fi U.S. footprint currently includes over 11,900 hotspots, including locations at major airports, hotels, and certain dining and retail establishments. No additional fees will apply at this time for this service enhancement.

This site provides information about Wi-Fi for AT&T Business Internet Services credit card customers only. Corporate Invoice customers should visit the portion of the site dedicated exclusively for BIS Corporate Invoice Customers.


The availability of this new feature for AT&T Business Internet Services (BIS) credit card customers is limited to those who have registered for the U.S. Premium Plan. This offering is not available to users registered outside the U.S. at this time.

If you are registered for one of the other U.S. credit card plans and would like to upgrade to the U.S. Premium Plan, simply go to the Account Center, select Manage Account, then Change Access Plan.

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