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Instructions for Updating to the Network Client Version 5.08.2

1) Select the AT&T Global Network Dialer. From the Network or Messages window, select "Services" and then "Check for Updated Software". You can perform this check over any open Internet connection, for example a broadband connection from your home.

2) From the Latest software updates Page, click on the box next to the "Dialer Program".  The Latest available version of the Dialer program should display as 5.08.2. Select "Download". Wait for the download to complete.

3) Select "yes" when asked if you would like to close the Dialer and install the new version.

4) From the Welcome to the installation page, Select "Next" . Ignore the FastPath entry fields.

5) Contine setup at the end of install. The setup will migrate your V4 profile(s).

6) You will be offered uninstallation of the V4 Dialer. The V4 Dialer and the V5 Network Client can co-exist on your system. V4 remains in the AT&T Global Network folder, V5 is installed in an AT&T Global Network Client folder. If Internet dial access is critical to your environment, we suggest you leave the V4 dialer installed on your system until you are comfortable with V5. V4 can be uninstalled from the "uninstall dialer" icon in it's folder, or the system control panel Add/remove function. 

7) Setup will continue and prompt you to select the "number to dial". Click on the number you would like to dial and select "Next"

8) Setup will launch the AT&T Global Network Client on completion:

The version 5 software has been designed to guide you through its functions. If additional information is needed, please view its online help, or the Version 5 Users Guide at 


NOTE: Unlike the V4 Dialer, the V5 Network Client does not start your system's
web browser after connect. This behavior can be modified through login
properties off the main menu pull-down:

Select the Autostart tab, then Override defaults, Highlight "After Connecting", press Add...

Select "Default Browser" from the Name pull-down

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